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In The Community

BRB Electrical is a local business that strives for a balance of involvement within the community, ranging from sponsorship to helping non for profit organisations with Electrical issues.

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There is no job too small for BRB Electrical.  Seeing your face after you have had the most annoying of electrical issues fixed or repaired is what we enjoy most.  It could be as simple as a dirty power point from using it too much or the light switch in the toilet is broken and not turning on the light.

Speak to our live operator who can assist you in getting through to the right A Grade Electrician to have these problems solved and in turn let you live without the worry of anything dangerous happening

Don't think this job is too small for us - any electrical issue is worth having fixed as it may be more dangerous than you think.

Simple little jobs can consist of but are not limited to:

  • Replacing a damaged power point or light switch,
  • Replacing the exhaust fan that does not work,
  • Fixing the noisy ceiling fan,
  • Replacing the light bulb in those hard to reach fittings, even in ovens and on stairwells,
  • Adjusting you sensor lights so they work more effectively
  • Replacing broken light fittings
  • Tagging and testing appliances for nursing homes or uni students
  • To have an inspection of wiring for your down lights.