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BRB Electrical is a local business that strives for a balance of involvement within the community, ranging from sponsorship to helping non for profit organisations with Electrical issues.

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Feedback is a great means of communication for both ourselves

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BRB Electrical provides testing and tagging of appliances and tools.  For further information about testing and tagging please email or ring (03) 5443 9473.


Testing and Tagging is a periodic test that happens within your work place.  Test are performed on each item that is able to be plugged in or portable.   Depending on the item( tool ) and where the tools are used depends on  the frequency that  tests are carried out.  Items that are permanent fixtures like computers, their test do not need to be preformed as often as tools. 

“All services offered and performed by BRB Electrical are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Trade, which can be accessed by the link at the bottom of this page.”