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BRB Electrical is a local business that strives for a balance of involvement within the community, ranging from sponsorship to helping non for profit organisations with Electrical issues.

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BRB Electrical can provide advice via our email, or alternately the dot points below may answer some of your questions.

Future Proofing:


  • By installing extra cabling throughout you new dwelling for a future 'ceiling fan' or extra 'power points' or a 'future electrical feed to a future shed' can save you $$$$ by running these cables during the construction phase as doing them later can be a very costly exercise.
  • This can also be done for TV points or data points that you may want in the kids bedrooms for when they get older.

Energy Management:


  • Retro fitting existing light fitting for new energy efficient fittings can save $$$$$
  • Leaving dvd's, vcr's, phone chargers, computers, tv's and other appliances on stand by is a waste of your money. Turn these off to save your hip pocket and the environment.
  • Did you know that you can get energy efficient low voltage down light globes?
  • Hot Water Services have a thermostat and this can be turned down to reduce your power consumption. Also most electric HWS that are less than 6 years old can be retro fitted and turned into a Solar Hot Water System.
  • Regular maintenance ensures the HWS unit operates effectively and efficiently.
  • With the new watts per square meter in new dwellings BRB Electrical has completed a two day course to work out these calculations to save you money and to increase the lighting levels through out your house whilst keeping your energy cost to a minimum.

Safety Awareness:


  • Flickering lights are a serious issue which can eventually cause fires, have these checked out to make sure there are no underlying issues.
  • Testing and Tagging portable appliances and extension leads is a safe way of ensuring that they are safe for your staff and family to use. To request an appointment to schedule testing and tagging fill out the Request an Appointment form.
  • Most house fires that are deemed an 'electrical fault' are caused by the occupant
    and not the electrician.
  • Do you know how to isolate your house's electricity supply in the event of an emergency?
  • Loose fitting appliances into power points can cause fires,
  • Extension leads and double adapters should be a temporary measure for extending
    the power to another section in a room. Have permanent power points installed
    to eliminate power boards and double adapters.
  • Do you have on hand the correct fire extinguisher or fire blanket for an electrical
  • The wrong fire extinguisher can cause an electric shock or leave a nasty residue
    on your appliances and leave them in a non working manner.  Follow the link to
    determine which extinguisher to use.
  • Unsafe down lights can cause fires in your ceiling space. Have these checked
    for a possible fire hazard or rodent damage yearly.
  • Protect you house by installing heat covers over down lights older than 3 years
    to eliminate the risk of fire
  • Have any of your extension leads got frayed ends or is the insulation damaged in
    parts? The cost of replacing these is a lot less than replacing your house.
  • Do you have safety switches installed?
  • Using hand held appliances near water with damaged insulation can be fatal
    have these appliances tested or updated.
  • Ensure portable heaters, standard lamps, fans and portable air conditioners are
    operating correctly so they do not cause fires or trip fuses/ safety switches by
    overloading. This is a very common reason for an electrical call out.
  • Ensure HWS's are maintained to avoid overheating and explosions.
  • HWS's are not DIY projects.

Have you thought about:


  • Most pre 1970 houses contain asbestos within the switchboard, to have this safely removed or identified call BRB Electrical.
  • Do you know the correct procedures for saving someone who is receiving an
    electric shock.
  • Do you know how to safely change a fuse wire? Have these replaced with
    plug in circuit breakers so you do not have to change a fuse wire again.


By Law


  • By law all rental properties need to have wired in smoke detectors within 6 months of occupation.
  • It is compulsory for all new electrical work undertaken to be fitted with safety
    switches, if they do not already exist within the switchboard
  • It is compulsory for all new homes to be fitted with 240 volt smoke detectors.
  • It is also compulsory for an electrician to provide a Certificate of Electrical
    Safety on completion of any electrical job.
  • Did you know that anybody who is going to University or into a Nursing home
    needs to have any electrical appliances tagged and tested so it can be allowed
    onto the site.
  • In new dwelling you can only have 5 watts per square meter inside the house,  4 watt per square meter for verandahs and pergolas and 3 watts per square meter for Class 10 buildings ( garages / carports etc). 

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